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Interior design


To maintain and develop relationships with clients CaseBellaVista company offers additional services for the repair and restoration of buildings, which include:

Approval of construction projects (Pratica edilizia) in the municipality (Il Comune).

Harmonization of restoration projects (Il Progetto delle modifiche) in the cadastral office (Il Ufficio Catasto, L `Agenzia delle entrate), including changes on space planning.

Obtaining all necessary permits and certificates (certificazione di conformita) for work associated with repair of the walls (opere di muratura), installing hydraulics (opere idrauliche), window frames, doors, doorways, etc. (serramenti), carrying gas (opere di gas) Electric wiring and repair (opere elettricista).

Finishing and decorating the premises clean, modern materials, manufactured in Italy.

Furniture-quality facilities and elegant furnishings produced in Italy at a furniture factory, located in the region of Lombardy, in the area of the city of Monza, Brianza and Bergamo.

Organization of construction contracts, including the services of artists from the province of Bergamo, which are famous for high quality execution of complex and specific jobs such as laying of natural stone, building fountains, etc., requiring highly skilled masters.