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Residence permits for foreigners


The recent immigration bill (passed in 'October 1998) changed the name of permits for EU citizens with residence permit for a residence permit, although in essence it is the same documento.Tuttavia, this is not knowledge municipality and the police may not be aware of the change of the name. Do not be surprised, then, if your request for a residence permit will receive a residence card or vice versa. To avoid confusion, the term most used is that of a residence permit, which is used in every part of this paper to refer to all types of permits to stay.

A residence permit is not a residence permit, which can be requested only after obtaining a residence permit if they want to become an official resident.

It may take up to three months to obtain a permit, which may be issued only for the purpose stated on your visa. There are many types of residence permit, the most common ones are listed below:

  • Residence permit for tourism: In practice serves all those who visit Italy for more than a week and not staying in a hotel, guest house or headed officer, even if this procedure is rarely implemented;

  • Residence permit for family cohesion - for foreign spouses and children of an Italian citizen when they move together in Italy;

  • Residence permit for work - a work permit for an employee (see Employee below);

  • Residence permit for self-employment / independent - for self-employed or freelance (Self-employment see below);

  • Residence permit for study - for students (see Students below);

  • Residence permit for family reunification - a spouse, children (under 18) and parents of foreigners married to an Italian citizen and even for family members overseas are there to join other family members who already are in Italy (see Family Members below);

  • Residence permit to stay - for foreigners who establish their residence in Italy that they wish to work or study (see residents are not used below).

There are also permits for other special classes, including refugees and religious missionaries. If you are a EU citizen and you have not got a specific visa, contact the local police normally issue a permit for the turismo.Questo document is only valid for three months and can not be renewed, or modified for any other purpose . You can do with this application for a residence permit, a career or study.

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