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Conflict mediation


The conflict mediation is an alternative method to the judicial process belonging to the so-called ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution).

This procedure is offered to individuals, companies, or under any situation where you need to stop a destructive hostility, efficient support to resolve conflicts by third parties that appear to be impartial.

The ombudsman is one who helps the disputing parties, by mutual agreement, to find a solution to their problems.

It is a procedure:

Is voluntary in that no component is forced to participate and if you would be free to stop and leave.

Confidential · because all those involved in the mediation agree not to disclose what was said and above all not to mention the mediator in court if it can pursue a lawsuit

Extrajudicial · because it takes place inside a courtroom and above is not followed and regulated by the legal proceedings.

Our study provides a team of professionals with expertise in social, legal, educational, psychological, who have taken specific training courses specific to assist in the management of the mediation and to find the solution to the dispute has arisen. The solutions will be found quickly and especially in private and confidential.

The study offers the possibility to have brokers in Switzerland, available to respond to all requests for mediation.