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About us


Case Bella Vista

It’s a project of Trust Malerba Gruop which successfully works more than 30 years in European real estate market.

Case Bella Vista has a wide range of lake view and sea view properties, estates in famous resorts in Italy, Switzerland, France, Monaco and Cyprus.


“CaseBellaVista - are the most prestigious real estate - the most reliable investments”

Angelina the Malerba-head of a sales department




Our staff is well qualified and specialized in sale and short time rent of holiday properties, second houses, touristic investments, apartments, houses, country houses, villas, residences, hotels with gorgeous lake view, sea view and also properties on the most famous resorts in Italy, Switzerland, France, Monaco and Cyprus.



Trust Malerba Group

More than 30 years

on European real estate market




Trust Malerba Group  is an Italian-Swiss group which more than 30 years work on European real estate market and is engaged in sale, rent, real estate administration, managerial control of inhabited, commercial real estate, investment projects, successfully satisfying all requirements of our clients, in following fields:


• Real Estate and Investment Consulting

• Business immigration to Europe and permit of stay (in Italy, Switzerland, France, Cyprus, Monaco)

• Architecture and design

• Development

• International Tax and Legal Advice

• Multifamily office - Trust companies - Trusts



Besides Trust Malerba Group has own investment fund and invest in development in Italy, Switzerland and Cyprus, involving directly as own capital such as local and foreign investors.



Our company works with you from development to sale o rent of your property.

After purchase of your real estate our company will help you, to repair, furnish, rent and also successfully resell it.



Besides we offer:


Building administration


We administrate more than 80 buildings in Lombardy region in Italy.

We use the most performed information systems that allow to raise management efficiency and comfort of entire building.



Architecture and design


Architecture planning and Design

Our company, individualizing suitable lends for development, reconstruct and restore the buildings

Besides we offer the own assistance in civil engineering, on architecture drawings 2D-3D and technical support.


Interior design and Furniture

Working with numerous Italian factories of furniture, our company offers a wide spectrum of furniture of the different styles of traditional Italian design.